Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spicy Grilled Vegetables - The ultimate Vegetarian Feast

If you are cooking for vegetarians, you will want to find a tasty vegetarian recipe. Serving up flavorful meat and fish dishes to the non-vegetarians and giving the vegetarians a boring plate of vegetables is not something that will be appreciated! You do not have to use tofu or someone else protein replacement, as long as you make an entertaining vegetarian method rather than a dull one.

Begin by following recipes for spicy sauces or marinades and then, once you become more used to development tasty grilled vegetables recipes, you will be able to generate your own flavorful dishes.

Vegetarian Dishes

A spicy grilled vegetables method is a good idea if you want to make something easy yet delicious, and do remember that "spicy" can mean subtly aromatic rather than fiery hot! If you are cooking for somebody whose palate you are customary with, you will already know either he or she enjoys hot and spicy food or just something with flavor. It is a good idea to find out for sure, before throwing in lots of chili peppers, especially if that is going to be the only vegetarian dish ready for the non-meat eaters!

Ways to Spice Up Grilled Fresh Vegetables

Flavored peppers are a nice way to add a spicy element to your grilled vegetables method and lemon pepper is especially flavorful. Mash two tablespoons of lemon pepper into quarter of a cup of melted butter and brush this combination over your vegetables before grilling them.

The butter will keep them juicy and the lemon pepper will add a spiciness as well as a hint of citrus. Serve these delicious lemon pepper grilled vegetables with Italian dressing drizzled over the top for a gourmet meal. This is also a tasty side dish for any carnivores and fish-eaters.

For a Middle Eastern flavor, try combining the freshness of snipped mint with the spiciness of turmeric. For an Indian taste, curry powder, mustard seeds, and cumin seeds work well. What about giving your vegetarian guests a Mexican meal to remember, by using fresh chilies and lime juice? You can either stick to one kind of cuisine or integrate distinct spicy ingredients for an entertaining fusion dish.

Using a Marinade for Extra Flavor

Rather than adding spices to the vegetables before cooking them, what about marinating them in a spicy sauce? You can double the marinade method and marinate some chicken, pork or beef in one half and the vegetables in the other half, so your vegetarian guests and non-vegetarian guests can all enjoy the tasty marinade.

Combine hot chilies with lime juice, dried herbs, and soak the vegetables in it overnight. If you are grilling a tough cut of beef, you can marinate that overnight too but do not marinate fish or tender steak overnight because it will go mushy.

Marinades are fun to make because you can be creative with them. Throw in any herbs or spices you fancy, as well as salt, sugar, lemon pepper, soy sauce or chopped fresh chilies. With a wee know-how, your vegetarian recipes can be just as mouthwatering as your meat and fish ones.

Spicy Grilled Vegetables - The ultimate Vegetarian Feast

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