Thursday, September 22, 2011

Southern Style Potato Salad

Sweet iced tea, honey glazed ham, and potato salad are items that make up a typical lunch or supper served in the south during the spring and summer months. Potato salad has a long and historic past with roots that reach back to Germany. Throughout the centuries this warm salad traveled with immigrants all over before it settled in America. Upon its coming it became hugely popular, however not by all. Like the French, the Americans chose to serve potato salad cold and with a French creamy dressing of whipped eggs, oil, and herbs.

Although there is no recorded history as to when this method took on its new southern look and taste, many suppose that it occurred during the early 1900s. during this time the dressing mentioned above became advanced and widely known as mayonnaise. Among mayonnaise, there were many other additions that helped to moderately change this Germanic method into a charming dish that is now thought about the cornerstone of all things southern.

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This style of potato salad is unique because for it to be truly southern, there can only be six ingredients. Those ingredients are potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, onions, sweet pickles, mayonnaise, and yellow mustard. There are many variations to this recipe, however this method is thought about to be what many call "the way Grandmother use to make". Cold, creamy, and nothing else but delicious, southern style potato salad is typically found palatable by those living in southern United States.

When preparation this potato salad, choose the potatoes carefully. Small varieties are best, and they should be drained well. The guess for this is so that upon adding the mayonnaise it does not come to be soupy. Also, remember that less is all the time better. Once ingredients are added they cannot be removed. As for the onions, eggs, and sweet pickles, these should be approximately chopped.

As for herbs and spices, this is commonly done by personal taste. Dill and parsley can be added sparingly, where as salt and pepper are a must to improve the flavor of the potatoes. For a finishing touch, paprika is sometimes sprinkled atop the dish before it is served to give it a pop of color and spice. Southern style potato salad is a astonishing method that tastes old-fashioned and is packed full of memories, especially for those who played under weeping willow trees when they were little. After you have mastered a few straightforward recipes you can experiment and create your own variations of this appetizing dish.

Southern Style Potato Salad

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