Thursday, September 22, 2011

Real Southern Fried Chicken Recipe

Real Southern Fried Chicken is a dish often imitated, but seldom duplicated except in the kitchen of a good Southern cook. You will see many restaurants advertise Southern Fried Chicken but if you have ever had the real deal, you will be disappointed in what they offer.

Here is the secret. Simplicity and cooking technique. Real Southern Fried Chicken is very
simple with few ingredients. It's when you start adding enhancements that you begin to turn it
into something that does not even resemble Southern Fried Chicken. So, keep it simple.


Fresh, cut-up chicken
2 cups flour
1 tablespoon salt
1/2 tablespoon black pepper
1 whole egg
3/4 cup milk (I prefer buttermilk but you can use regular milk)
Cooking oil as required (see following)- (I like Corn Oil or peanut oil)Directions
Using a large frying pan (cast iron works best), fill with enough cooking oil to provide about
3-4 inches oil depth in the pan.
Place frying pan on stove top burner on medium-high heat
In a medium size mixing bowl, combine egg and milk, mix well
On a large plate, combine flour, salt, pepper, mix well
Wash chicken parts
Dip each chicken part in the egg-milk wash, then roll in flour mix to coat on all sides
Check oil temperature (place handle of wooden spoon in oil. You should get bubbles rising around the handle)
Place chicken parts in frying pan (should not be touching each other)
Fry chicken on first side 1 minute then turn to other side for 1 minute
Continue to fry on each side until golden brown
Should take about 5-7 minutes first side and 4-5 minutes other side

Tip: Even though you have a golden brown crust on the outside, the inside may not be fully cooked,
especially if you are using frozen chicken which you defrosted. When you have a golden crust, cut
deep into one of the thickest pieces with a sharp knife and observe for any pink coloring.
If pink (or red) continue cooking (reduce heat slightly). There should be no pink!

Refrigerate left overs for up to 2 days. Although it will lose it's crunchiness, cold fried
chicken is very tasty the next day. I would not re-heat it. I like it served cold the next day.

Fried chicken goes with nearly any vegetable but I like to serve with turnip greens, black eyed peas and cornbread. You can find authentic Southern recipes for all these dishes at (see below). In the summer, when fresh vegetables are available, I like to also include baby green onions and radishes served on the side. And do not forget a tall glass of iced tea to wash it down.

Give the Southern fried chicken recipe a try and enjoy.

Ken Miller is a free lance writer and webmaster for, where you can find recipes for the most popular, authentic, Southern dishes such as, fried okra, biscuits and gravy, cornbread, Southern grits, turnip greens and many more. Oh, and they are all free.

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