Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coconut Cream And Its Health Benefits

People generally use coconut cream in curries, desserts and cakes. That's because it enhances the aroma and tastes of the dishes and you can obtain it easily and cheaply from your nearby supermarket or grocery store. However, few people ever realize how coconut cream benefits their health greatly which leads to many avoiding it like a plague due to its high saturated fat content. Especially for those who want to lose weight.

But do you know that coconut cream actually carries good saturated fat that benefits your health and weight loss by easily converting to energy as soon as your body absorbs it, just like what your body does on carbohydrate? In other words, it doesn't transform into bad cholesterol which clogs up your arteries and triggers heart problems and stroke. Most importantly, it doesn't cause weight gain as easily as what most people think.

Its lauric acid content (which scientists and researchers found in human breast milk) also helps you fight intrusive viruses, bacteria, promote normal brain development and contribute to healthy bones. And its anti-carcinogenic and anti-pathogenic properties can keep cancer at bay too. So, how can anyone deny coconut cream's health benefits when it actually gives you so much powerful protection?

But don't get me wrong. I'm not asking you to indulge in this healthful yummy cream. You take too much of it, like any other health foods, you'll still heap on excess calories and gain weight as a result. So it's alright to consume in moderation in order to reap its health benefits without getting its disadvantages.

Speaking of disadvantages, coconut cream / milk turns sour easily, so make sure you refrigerate it once opened and right after use. Try to finish up the cream / milk within a few days in less than a week - best, used it asap. The longer it stays unused though in the fridge, it'll still turn rancid.

Although freezing may not necessarily curdle the cream / milk (depending on the quality), I advise you to avoid freezing it as far as possible because if it does curdle, cooking with it will give whatever dishes an unappealing, curdled appearance.

I always go with advices and methods to reap coconut cream's health benefits as best as I can without compromising its flavor and appearance on the dishes. If you can't make your dishes look appealing, you simply won't have the appetite to eat it, let alone absorbing whatever health benefits coconut cream can bring you, agree?

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