Monday, October 25, 2010

How to Throw a Dinner Club Party

"Your social club has, for the first time, assigned you to organize the next installment of your group's quarterly dinner club party. As head honcho, it is your responsibility to come up with ideas that would make your dinner party one of the most memorable events your fellow members has seen in years.

You are excited about the idea, but the problem is, you've never thrown one before and you have no idea where to begin. Will it be a formal dinner or a more casual affair? What food do you serve? Who are you going to invite? Do you need to hire entertainers? How much food should be prepared?

Stop hyperventilating, there's no need to panic. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to throw a dinner club party:

1. As with everything else, a great dinner club party starts with a great idea. Think of a theme that is different and fun. Maybe you could throw a Mafioso party and have your guests dress in their finest Godfather-inspired clothes. If gangster-chic is not your thing, then maybe you could have a Monte Carlo night and set up Black Jack tables, roulettes and slot machines. Nothing limits you but your imagination.

Remember that your theme sets the foundation for your party. It is where everything else will revolve around, so choose wisely. One additional tip: the World Wide Web is filled with dinner club party ideas, so you might want to browse the net if you are running low on inspiration.

2. Since this is a dinner party, food plays a major role in its success. Well actually, it is the centerpiece of the event and has the power to determine if your party becomes a hit or a big, fat, dull dud.

To help ensure the success of your first-ever bash, be sure to map out the details on the food arrangements way ahead of the event. Pick your dishes carefully and create a menu that reflects the theme of your event (don't serve mashed potatoes on Oriental Night). Also, be sure to ask the caterer or chef to prepare at least 2 vegetarian dishes. You don't want your non-meat eating members to leave the party hungry and angry with you for your insensitivity, do you?

3. After finally deciding on the menu, you now have to take care of the rest of the party's particulars: entertainment, decorations, music, table settings, party favors, etc. While this may not be as important as the food, they still deserve your attention as they contribute to the general atmosphere and feel of your party. Remember, the devil is in the details.

4. With all these taken care of, it is now time to send out the invitations. While this may not really be necessary, as, since the event is held regularly, all your club members already know about it, sending invites makes things more personal and adds pizzazz to your dinner.

Plus, if your invitations closely follow the theme of your party (as they actually should), then they also give your guests a small glimpse into what they can expect on your party-- a preview that will leave them buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

5. A few days before the party, check if everything is in order. Create a detailed to-do list if you have too. Be sure that every kink has been smoothed out days before the event. When it comes to organizing a party, one can never be too careful after all.

6. Enjoy, all your hard work will come to waste if you don't. Talk to your guests, mingle, move around, have fun-remember, this is a party.

Still nervous about throwing your party? Follow this guide and you won't have any reasons to be.

Maraya Mullen is a copywriter affiliated with Campoverde, a social club based in Vancouver. The club has hosted different activities for its members, including a masquerade ball, dinner club party, and un-Valentine's Day party, among others. It always welcomes dinner club party ideas from members to ensure that they are always able to enjoy a wide variety of fun activities.

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