Friday, October 15, 2010

If Variety is the Spice of Life, a Variety of Experiences Should Help Spice Up Your Life

New experiences are an essential part of being alive. Without exposure to new things, we aren't really making the most out of life and all it has to offer. If we imagine what it would be like to have no new experiences, then we'd never try some of our most favourite foods, or learn new things. We wouldn't find ourselves introduced to new people and we wouldn't enjoy our jobs - indeed, we might not even have a job at all. So, given the clearly grim alternatives, it's clear that a rich life, filled with beautiful - and not so beautiful - experiences is clearly the more preferable way to live.

So when it comes to making the most of life, experience days are clearly the way to go. Ideal as birthday and Christmas gifts, experiences days can also be a great way to treat yourself to something new; and given that variety is the spice of life, why not take the time to try out an Indian cookery experience day?

Over the course of the event, you'll get to work with an intriguing and delicious selection of herbs and spices; covering all of the essential basic points of Indian cuisine, you'll be taught everything you need to know in order to create a truly delicious assortment of traditional dishes that will leave your mouth watering for more. Afterwards, you can give friends and family members some experience days of their own to remember, by whipping up some delicious dinner treats!

The cuisine of India is reported to be one of the world's most diverse, and it is certainly true that the region's food contains a dazzling array of herbs and spices, not to mention many different cooking techniques. Influenced by many factors, including religion and European cooking traditions, the cuisine of India contains many vegetarian dishes, in addition to dishes based upon meat.

While the importance of rice in Indian food is well-known, it may be surprising to learn that whole wheat flour and a number of different pulses are all staples; in addition to green gram, black gram and red lentils are also essential components of Indian dishes. Oils are also important, and while groundnut oil is preferred in northern and western India, this is not the case in other parts of the country. Eastern Indian reportedly prefers mustard oil, while the south tends to opt for coconut oil. Clarified butter is also a popular choice.

Of course, how you decide to eat the food depends very much your own individual culture, or preferences; so, although Indian food should traditionally be eaten with the fingers of the right hand, unless you wish to incorporate it into your own culinary experience days, feel free to carry on using whatever is familiar to you. However, if you do wish to integrate some of the regional customs into your own dining experience, why not trying eating dinner on either the floor, or using very low tables and cushions? Using a banana leaf instead of a plate is entirely optional, but certainly adds to the thrill.

However, if Indian cuisine isn't quite your thing, there are so many other experience days to choose from. Fans of nature may wish to try Dolphin Watching for Two, and for those who like something a little more exotic, how about learning to pole dance? And with the Pole Dancing Lesson for Two experience day, you can even try it with a friend. Although popularised by the entertainment offered in countless numbers of Gentlemen's Clubs around the world, pole dancing has a more artistic and non-erotic side, especially when practiced with Chinese poles. Pole dancing is also a fantastic way to keep fit, as many of its advanced moves require serious amounts of strength and endurance.

However, no matter how you chose to experience life, just make sure you make the most of every experience that you can. After all, where life is concerned, nobody gets out alive!

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