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Tips on Vegan Meals For Festive Season

Vegan Meals are exciting! It's like looking at things in a whole new perspective thus promising you with newer gastronomic adventures. It provides you with high-protein viands such as tempeh loaf and altered but not a miss of the flavors you crave for. Veering away from dairy products should not limit your menu. Just because butter is omitted doesn't mean your recipe should not include mashed potatoes. How about shiitake mushroom gravy to top the mash. The uber flavorful mushroom will perfectly go well with your mashed potatoes. You are sure to see someone slurping that last bit of gravy and mashed potatoes from his/her plate! Last week I made stuffed Portobello mushrooms and tomatoes. They sat pretty on my dining table, full of flavor and goodness. Stuff it with rice and nut and top it off with pesto. Stuffed mushrooms are always a winner because the tasty little devil never disappoints!

Roast your favorite vegetables with dried herbs such as this season's favorite rosemary and sage. Drizzle them lovingly with good ol' olive oil or top it with a dollop of tofunnaise. Mix and match the food. The viands will sure be savory so leave others such as your green beans simple in taste. This will even out the flavors in your palate. Try to have complicated and simple dishes so that you'll have more time to make... desserts!

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegan desserts! Hmmm... Who said vegans don't enjoy the traditional pumpkin pie or yam pudding? The versatile soymilk can replace cream at any given recipe that calls for it. It will be as creamy and yummy. Let the sweet tooth take over with non-fat and non-dairy desserts. Go gaga over the pumpkin pies, apple pies or sweet potato pudding. Lessen your sugar by substituting half of what the recipe calls for with muscovado sugar or just altogether use muscovado if the color will not bother you or your eaters. Don't forget the cornbread muffins with specs of berries peeking through its golden skin. Psyllium will do your muffins and your digestion a lot of good. It'll make any muffin moist and healthier. A few teaspoons will do the trick.

Compose a beautiful harmony with the freshest crisp lettuce, arugula, and tomatoes, green and yellow peppers then scatter corn kernels and slivers of apples. Leave out the croutons and sprinkle roasted nuts instead. Drench your garden salad with your favorite tangy vegan dressing.

Vegan meals should not stop you from including other favorite foods. Take advantage of the season's produce and whip something that you already love. The fresher and crispier your vegetables are the closer you are to the spirit of festivities because it is after all a feast of earth's wonderful produce. Organic is best of course but if it is not available opt for freshly picked vegetables. Stay away from canned vegetables as much as possible. Canned vegetables are dead on color and nutrients. Enzymes are lost in the processing thus giving you bland and tasteless dead vegetable.

It is really no excuse not to have a healthy feast because vegan and vegetarian recipes are abundantly available. What you will find difficult is choosing which ones to try first. So, take on the challenge. Impress your picky diners and be impressed with the variety of vegan dishes. Fill up your plate; eat what you yearn for without the guilt.

Healthy pleasures from healthy meals.

Tips on Vegan Meals For Festive Season

I have been a vegetarian almost my entire life and have raised two kids with plenty of vegetarian and vegan meals. I am pleased to have taken on this opportunity to share my favourite and easy vegan recipes through the wonderful world of internet.

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