Friday, July 29, 2011

My Wife Stopped Eating Dead Bodies

Some months ago my wife stopped eating dead bodies, She became a full time vegetarian and still is. This has had an affect on me. I'm like a vampire that has rationed its blood intake. I have reduced my meat consumption and now regard food in a different light than previously. Meat does not have to be the main course anymore. In fact, my food horizon has widened greatly. It didn't happen overnight. Frequently over the years my wife and I (married 35 years) discussed the rights and wrongs of eating other animals - basically eating dead flesh. As pet lovers we both agreed it was wrong for many reasons and could find nothing to really justify it. It was when we started getting more pets and even closer to understanding animal life that the message became clearer.  When you form strong friendships with other creatures you begin to realize they are the same as us in many ways.  It's especially apparent when you live close with them and they become part of the family, part of your life. You can reach a point where there is a spiritual link  between you. Killing is bad enough but to then eat the dead body? No, something's not quite right about that. I'm against the killing of all animals unless it's absolutely necessary and I think it won't be long now before I stop eating meat entirely. My lust for blood is gradually fading. Anyway, the meat nowadays is not so good. Not like the old days when it was natural and free range. Nowadays its caged, chemicalized, forced fed and doped-up with things to make it grow faster. We're probably better not eating it anyway. I've already started eating more vegetables and fruit. It's so easy to knock-up a veggie stir fry and some boiled rice or a pasta dish with a nice sauce. However I've found the dining out scene does not cater well for vegetarians. I think there's a lot more that could be done to create good and tasty meals for vegetarians. Chefs need to think outside the meat square. It would be good if they trained chefs to have a less meaty outlook. What do you think? Is eating dead bodies really right?  

James Larkin is a retired veteran international newspaper journalist. See his blog at

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