Friday, July 22, 2011

Best Vegetarian Dishes - My perceive With Vegetarian Dining

It seems the more I listen to the news and read the papers, the more I start hearing about tainted or spoiled meat getting into our food supplies. One has to wonder just how safe our meats are, especially with some of the hormones they are putting in them. I looked for an option, and decided to look into cooking some healthy vegetarian dishes for a change.

Now mind you, this wasn't an all out decision to come to be a vegetarian, as some of my prior experiences with vegetarian dining were quite distressing. But this time I decided it would be different, and I would do some investigate prior to running up the grocery tab.

Vegetarian Dishes

Initially I view that going to my local library would provide all the resources I would need in regards to vegetarian recipes and cooking, but then I view I would go one step further. Why not visit a vegetarian restaurant! Easier said then done, as it took hours of looking through the yellow pages along with surfing the web, before I was able to search some sources in close proximity.

The first bistro sounded right on target, "Best Vegetarian". I thought, "How could I go wrong with that?" Well unfortunately the name didn't live up to the food. It was a quiet Wednesday night when I visited, so waiting for a table was not an issue. The waiter was quite polite, and the menu was pages in length. As I browsed through some of the entrees, my eyes came to rest on "vegetable lasagna". Yes, just what I was in the mood for.

The meal arrived quite quickly, (I should have taken this as a clue), and it unmistakably looked quite tempting. Unfortunately as I dug in, my fork seemed to get stuck in this thick "goo" that was similar to mending putty. The vegetables were slightly cooked, if not raw, and the sauce was assuredly right out of a jar. Soon after, I realized that this was nothing more then a "frozen entree", that was probably purchased at a local store. Who said vegetarian dishes had to be fresh.

Well anyway I left quite discouraged, but carefully to do more investigate on vegan dining, and cooking. This time I view I might go the "library" route, and see if I could find some great vegetarian formula books. After all, they say a photograph is worth a thousand words.

Best Vegetarian Dishes - My perceive With Vegetarian Dining

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