Thursday, September 30, 2010

Side Dishes in Mexican Cuisine

A food item accompanying the main course at a meal is known as a side dish. For instance: a meal with a main dish as meat could have a vegetable side dish such as a salad or a starch side dish with pasta, rice or bread. For Mexican food lovers, an ideal meal would be a big plate filled with an enchilada, a taco which is deep fried, a stuffed, pork filled burrito and refried beans and rice.

Some of the best Mexican Side dishes are:

    *      Camote, a Mexican sweet potato

    *      Ceviche, a seafood dish usually served in the area of Gulf of California

    *      Sopa, normally pasta flavored with meat or tomato consomme

    *      Consome, broth, made from either drippings of meat roasted for barbacoa, or dry bouillon cubes and powder (usually known by its most common brand name, (Knorr-Suiza)

    *      Curtido, a basic cabbage salad

    *      Arroz amarillo, yellow rice

    *      Arroz con lima

    *      Arroz Español (Spanish rice)

     *     Arroz Verde

    *      Bolillos, a salty bread

    *      Calabaza (squash)

    *      Elote, roasted corn on the cobb popular with street vendors

    *      Ensalada de fruta, fruit salad

    *      Fideos, noodles

    *      Frijoles pintos, pinto beans

    *      Frijoles negros, black beans

    *      Frijoles charros, 'cowboy beans', which are pinto beans stewed with onion, garlic, bacon and other items

    *      Beans, or frijoles

    *      Guacamole

    *      Jicama

    *      Lentejas, lentil beans

    *      Refried beans (frijoles refritos)

    *      Nopalitos, the fruit of the prickly pear

    *      Pambazos, a stuffed mexican sandwich

    *     Papas (potatoes)

    *      Pico de gallo

    *      Salsa

    *      sopapilla, a quick bread (not common in Mexico, but in New Mexico)

    *      Yuca Cassava, a root that tastes similar to potatoes

No matter which side dish you choose, it will surely add an authentic flavor to your Mexican Meal. Many of these sides can be prepared ahead and used at additional meals.

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