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List of vegan foods - delicious vegetarian dishes

If you decide to follow a vegan diet for health reasons or compassionate, you must know your list of vegan foods you can eat. You must also be aware that the list of foods that can eat more because they use animal products, even in a minute. Please note that you should talk to your doctor before you start eating only vegan food list.


To eat a vegan diet, you can not eat anything with honey or milk products. Youalso can not eat anything with eggs or as a powder or dust in the bones of the bodies of animals produced. This means that you put the ingredients of everything you plan to arrive in the mouth to have.

Gelatin is not allowed. It consists of bones, skins and tendons of animals (cows in general) done. There are some products as "vegan gelatin" markets, but with other products, such as sea grass jelly to simulate this. Gelatin does not count as kosher gelatin vegan.

For example, milkChocolate is no longer allowed. But dark chocolate is on the list of vegan foods, provided that the eggs and butter may not be included. Cocoa butter is the same as cow's milk butter. It is made entirely of oil from the cocoa bean.


The list of vegan foods that are allowed to eat is much longer list of foods that you can not eat. Maybe not at first sight, because you're used to eating only certain foods have been. Youeat all types of nuts, beans, cereals, fruits and vegetables. It 's a lot!

You can use vegetable oils and spices as desired to make new combinations. Beans and grains in a surprising variety of textures come. If you have a food processor, you can combine vegetables, grains, nuts and beans to make a meat dish such as bread. Unchecking the tofu and marinate it before cooking, you can stop a tasty alternative for hamburgers.

There are two products that are recognized for VegansYou can always find American supermarkets. It's Bac-O that are not made with lard or meat. They are actually made of soy. Another staple food vegan Manwich, a traditional sauce for Sloppy Joes, no trace of animal products in it.

More normal

There are more and more foods with vegetable ingredients, texture and taste of foods containing imitation milk. For example, it is very difficult to differentiatebetween the cheese and vegan cheese habit. You can also freeze bananas and stir to make a substitute for ice.

Why more people vegan food manufacturers are switching to a vegetarian or a lot of attention to this lucrative market. You no longer need to hunt a food specialty health food store to get quality vegan. Vegan foods are hamburgers and pasta dishes can easily find at any supermarket chain.

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